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Writer's Block: Casting couch

Jul. 22nd, 2010 | 11:37 am

If your life was made into a movie, who would you want to play the leading role? What about the other major characters in your life?

Emma Stone as me

Natalie Portman as my sister

Nat Wolfe as my little brother

Julienne Moore as my mom

Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart as my step dad

Robin Wright Penn as my step mom

Ben Stiller or Dennis Leary as my dad

Kat Dennings as my best friend Sarah

Ellen Page as my best friend Katy

Maggie Smith as my grandma

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Writer's Block: Confidence Booster

Aug. 14th, 2009 | 03:51 pm

What do you wear to feel confident?

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Yes yes I admit I am a trekkie!

Jun. 2nd, 2009 | 02:18 pm
location: Wonderland
mood: blahblah
music: my neighbors

 Okay so I'm really bored right now. Well not really, actually I'm creating playlists for my BFF but other than that. I'm REALLY REALLY bored!!!
I just cleaned the crap out of my house and am now listening to my crazy as all things crazy neighbors yell at their dog. Yeah that's totally gonna get their dog to obey them. Ugh...if you don't have time to train your dog then don't get one. Get a cat, their much easier and very independent. 

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Writer's Block: When the Boss is Away…

Nov. 12th, 2008 | 10:24 pm

How do you entertain yourself when you’re bored at work?

I dance and sing

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Wow...it's been awhile...

Jun. 29th, 2008 | 01:25 pm
location: home
mood: indescribableindescribable
music: Kathy Griffin - For Your Consideration

It's been like what? two years?

so I graduated high school...FINALLY!!!! I am free of that hellhole.

I think one of my really good friends is mad at me and I have no idea why or what I've done to upset her. But I'm going to send her a sorry card. I'm going back to school after taking a year off. I'm tired of working.

I'm taking care of my father because right now he has a blocked artery. My sister might be coming home tomorrow which is a bonus!

I've made some new friends who are absolutely AMAZING!!!! even if they are like five years older than me. I've been "adopted" by The Buckleys who have also "adopted" my dad. lol.

My mom is a nag monster....SAVE ME!!!!


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Our Government

Nov. 21st, 2005 | 02:51 pm
mood: aggravatedaggravated
music: Time To Dance-Panic! At The Disco

Our government is going to pass a bill that states a girl can't have an abortion WITHOUT permission of the person who inpregnated (sp?) her.

I'm trying to start a group that petitions and protests against this bill. If you have ideas or want to be part of it leave a comment on my journal or email me @ pirategrl1456@yahoo.com


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What it's like to be me

Sep. 21st, 2005 | 10:01 am
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: "Rough Draft"-Yellowcard

I'm going to be drama queen for this one time.

I'm taking the day off because I need a mental and physical health day.

Physical because I still have a FUCKING cold!

Mental because my friends (apart from select few) SUCK ASS!!!!!!!!
I get made fun for the following reasons:
I haven't had a boyfriend in three years
I haven't had sex
I don't smoke
I don't drink
I don't do drugs
I don't skip class (except that ONE time but don't worry I got a stern lecture from Emma)

My friend Athena keeps calling me "emo kid" which pisses me the fuck off.
Her boyfriend and her friends for Chicago think I should die because I'm an "emo kid."
(well I think her boyfriend and her friends all need to be put into a mental institution)

Sammi keeps kicking me in the ass (literally) and stares at me when I saw that I've single for three years because apparently that's not normal.

I might as well be dead because this shit is stupid.
Why don't they just bury me and piss on my grave?


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